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A Trustly casino is a trustworthy online casino Canadians can enjoy. That’s right, it’s not just a witty name.  Also known as a Pay n Play Casino, Trustly makes it fast and easy for you to deposit your money. That means you’re free to play your heart out and not fuss with long waits on deposits and withdrawals. They represent casinos that have partnered up with this payment service to give you a fast and secure way of depositing and withdrawing money. We will let you in on the best Canadian Trustly casinos, so you try them out. 

LeoVegas Trustly Casino Destinations


4.9 • Excellent
launched in 2012
  • games-amountplay 800+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+122 Free Spins
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Casumo Trustly Casino Destinations


4.4 • Very good
launched in 2012
  • games-amountplay 850+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+20 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
Casimba Trustly Casino Destinations


4.5 • Excellent
launched in 2017
  • games-amountplay 600+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+50 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
mr green Trustly Casino Destinations

Mr Green

4.3 • Very good
launched in 2008
  • games-amountplay 300+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+200 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply

Trust in a Trustly Casino 

Trustly has made it their mission to offer you safe online banking. They also want to keep transaction costs low. This matters if you happen to make a lot of withdrawals from your big wins. While there might be a lot of payment options out there for Canadians, you might be getting charged a lot. You can watch out for Pay n Play casinos as well. We are happy to say that Trustly is offering you a great user experience. It is really easy to deposit and withdraw.  

What is a Trustly Casino Exactly? 

Well, if we look at the fact that gone are the days of cash transactions, we see how essential really good online payment processing is. Over half of Europeans use online banking a lot and this is only growing. In time, this will be true for Canadians also. The credit cards, debit cards, and third party e-wallets are used often at online casinos. The problem is there are fees involved because there’s a middle man. This is where Trustly comes in. They give you the means to transfer directly from your bank account to a Trustly Canada site.  

You don’t have to log in and register with the casino site to make transactions. This means you’re keeping your financial details safe. Nobody is going to gain access to your bank account info or get your credit card numbers. You’re going to validate deposits with Trustly as you would with your bank. This means you use the same username and PIN. Then Trustly tends to your fund transfer. It is like an agent that will transfer your funds from your bank to the Trustly casino. You don’t pay fees or a commission either because Trustly gets their money by charging online casinos that accept Trustly. 

Casino Sites that Accept Trustly 

Trustly online casinos make it easy for you to do your banking so you can keep playing without interruptions. The casinos that offer Trustly in Canada are great because they offer welcome bonuses, have VIP programs, and much more. Often, you’ll get a deposit bonus, especially when it’s your first deposit. Trustly makes sure it goes smoothly and securely. Here are the kinds of casino sites that accept Trustly.  

Mobile Casinos 

Trustly is a mobile device more or less so if you love playing on a mobile casino, this will be an added bonus. Mobile friendly apps are important when it comes to online gambling. It has become such a massive industry and Canadians are a large portion of that. Trustly Pay n Play Casinos have mobile versions so you can play them anywhere. You can download the Trustly casino onto your phone or tablet and easily pay.  

The Trustly live will let you make instant deposits and withdrawal to your bank account. You don’t need an app or cash or even credit cards. All you need is your phone and access to your online banking. This truly is mobile made easy.  

Live Casino 

Pay n Play casinos that offer a live version are exciting. If you’ve never played at a live online casino, you’re in for a treat. As it’s all those high rolling table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and even baccarat, you’ll want to be able to get quick deposits and withdrawals. The live casinos are streamed and you’ll be playing with a real dealer. There will even be a chat box so you can communicate in real time with other players and your dealer. Trustly Pay n Play casinos will ensure that your banking process is totally secure so you can just enjoy all the live action.  

Trustly Best Real Money Casinos 

The Pay n Play casinos make it easy to play for real money. When you make real deposits into your Trustly casino account, you’ll get to take advantage of bonuses. Your bonus funds are matched 200% up to $400 CAD. This is on your first deposit. When you make a second deposit, you get 40% matched, this is up to a whopping $3,000 CAD. You get a 60% match deposit on your third deposit. There might also be VIP programs, which will track your payments. As you play and make deposits, you will earn yourself some nice incentives and maybe even some gifts. Some Trustly real money casinos will offer tech gear or even cruises to be won.  

How to Deposit Into a Trustly Casino 

trustly casino

Once you choose your Pay n Play casino, you can choose the Trustly option to make a deposit. Interesting note here, if you’re looking for Trustly and you don’t see it, it might be under it’s previous name InstaBank. They changed the name some time ago but this doesn’t always reflect on casinos across the board.  

Making a Deposit

You will want to fill in your banking into when the pop-up window appears on the screen. This is going to generate a one-time code that will confirm your transaction. Notice that this is an important way of keeping your information safe. Then your money will be transferred to your Trustly casino account. You won’t be redirected to third party websites or have to pass any extra registration.  

Making a Withdrawal

Trustly casino withdrawals are just as easy as making a deposit. First off, you choose a service where the withdrawal options are. This option might be InstaBank instead of Trustly. Again that pop-up window will show up and you’ll put your banking details in there and simply confirm the transaction. There is even an option for instant withdrawal. Do keep in mind that your bank might not support an instant withdrawal. If it doesn’t, your transaction could take from 1-3 days. This is actually faster than a lot of the withdrawal options. 

Trustly casino operators are happy to offer this feature because Trustly is good for business. You’re simply getting a better and easier withdrawal experience. It is designed for your smartphone so you can take money on the go. 

Trustly in Canada 

It’s noteworthy to let you know that Trustly isn’t affiliated with any of the Canadian banks at the moment. However, we do expect this to change pretty quickly as it’s already being used in the US. We’re never far behind. Also, many Canadians might have banking abroad. There are plenty of Europeans that might still have accounts in Europe while living in Canada right? With online banking, it doesn’t matter where you reside but more where you do your banking. Right now, Trustly is supporting hundreds of banks in countries around Europe.  

Pay N Play Casino Security 

pay n play casinos

The service provided by Trustly ensures that your transactions are safer than ever. This is because you’re not registering to use a service. Your banking information stays with you and isn’t thrown out to a third party payment provider. Honestly, it doesn’t get any safer than that. Trustly also has impressive security technology, using the higher encryption standards around. This is in addition to the security that your own bank has, which you know is the highest level possible.  

Trustly is trustworthy too, being fully regulated by multiple European government and financial regulatory bodies. It is a licensed European Payment Services Provider that Canadians can trust. It has also overseen by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is a member of EPIF, also known as the European Payment Institutions Federation.  

Trustly online casinos offer you a safe solution to getting money in an out of your account. They are licensed and supervised through the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. They are running their business in accordance to something known as the Payment Services Act of 2020.  

They keep their fraud levels extremely low and understand what your main problems have been in the past. The Trustly service itself has a lot of features that are making it so popular. For example, when you transfer money into a Trustly casino, you don’t have to go through a bunch of hoops. No extra registration is needed, and you won’t have to pay fees either. We’ll tell you all about the Trustly Pay n Play casinos so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

Trustly Deposit and Withdrawal Times 

A Trustly casino is known for getting you your money super fast. In fact, Trustly deposits are instant. There is an option for instant withdrawal too but this might not always be available because of your bank. Either way, you should have the money back into your bank account within 3 days. Everything is instant with Trustly and with the casino itself. They aren’t putting any holds on your cash but your bank might. 

Trustly Rewards 

Some of the Trustly casinos will be pay you special bonuses because you decided to use Trustly for deposits or withdrawals. This could be anything from free spins to receiving real cash rewards. Also, online casinos that accept Trustly will often be giving you points for the deposits you make. When you put down your first deposit, you can get a lot of rewards. It really depends what is on offer from the casino. This can change from time to time so check around and see what seems like the best offer right now.  

What You’ll Pay When You Use Trustly 

There is a low standard fee with Trustly at 1.5%. With a Trustly casino, we couldn’t see any indication that there was a transaction free for deposits or withdrawals. Trustly doesn’t charge fees on transactions that happen on a platform. It is advised that you check with the bank or online casino though to make sure they aren’t charging you. 

Pros and Cons

Security in the fact no third party can ever access your banking information. Trustly doesn’t offer customer support online.
There are no money transaction fees usually. You can make casino deposits with Trustly only to European countries where this payment method is accepted. 
Deposits and withdrawals are instant and safe.  Although Trustly is usually instant, if your bank doesn’t support it, it can take up to three days.  
You don’t need to pass extra registration steps to make a gambling transaction when playing at a Trustly casino online. 


What is a Pay n Play Casino? 

Pay n Play casinos give you access to real-time withdrawals and deposits anywhere in the world. You don’t need a user ID or password. It relies on a bank ID agreement between companies and regulators. A payment processor, like Trustly, subscribes to play and play practices and verifies your identity. Trustly has to comply with their strict regulations. Basically, Trustly performs the transactions on Pay n Play’s behalf.  

Does Trustly have Direct Debit? 

Trustly does have Direct Debit available. It can be a transaction or be followed up by an instant payment. You sign up on the Trustly casino website. This is different from one merchant to the next.  

Can I use Trustly casinos in Canada? 

You can play on a Trustly casino and you can use Trustly if you have a US or European account. However, no Canadian banks work with Trustly quite yet. 

Why would my money be delayed with Trustly? 

The only reason there would be a delay is because your bank is handling it in a certain way, which is out of the hands of Trustly.  

Why would I get a limit message? 

Instant deposit limits are set up by the Trustly casino. This is going to determine how much money can be instantly transferred. If a message comes up about a limit, you have exceeded the instant deposit limit. The transaction will go through, but it won’t be immediate. When the message pops up, you can choose to proceed or cancel the transaction.  

Final Thoughts 

Trustly casinos offer all the great things you can expect from any high quality casino. This includes things like welcome bonuses, privilege points, VIP bonuses, and much more. Trustly continues to get bigger and is really moving towards being fully global. At the moment, you might not be able to access it with a Canadian bank but that’s due to change soon enough. If you have a bank that works with Trustly, you’re going to enjoy the cohesiveness they offer.

The easiest bank transactions with no hassle await you. You don’t have to give up your personal information, which we really like. This makes the Pay n Play casinos some of the safest around as they are in close connection to the Trustly brand. It’s new, it’s innovative and it’s clearly been well thought out so you can enjoy all the benefits. It was developed specifically for online casinos and gaming. They make sure your transactions are quick, so your play isn’t interrupted. 

Trustly differs from Paypal and other digital wallet because you don’t have to deal with extra logins. The authentication system is linked to your mobile number. It is your online and offline banking solution for quickly getting funds from people and companies.

The technology here is highly advanced so there is a cohesiveness you’re not getting from other payment methods. Security is optimized and your payments are faster than most. You won’t be redirected; you don’t have to deal with a key fob of any sort. All you need is your phone and a Trustly casino.  

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