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The MuchBetter casinos have become increasingly popular in Canada. This is good news if you like to get the most out of your money.  MuchBetter makes it very convenient to use at online casinos. It isn’t available to everyone either, just a few select countries with Canada being one of them. 

LeoVegas MuchBetter Casino Sites


4.9 • Excellent
launched in 2012
  • games-amountplay 800+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+122 Free Spins
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Casumo MuchBetter Casino Sites


4.4 • Very good
launched in 2012
  • games-amountplay 850+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+20 Free Spins
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888 MuchBetter Casino Sites


4.3 • Very good
launched in 1997
  • games-amountplay 200+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+0 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
Royal Panda MuchBetter Casino Sites

Royal Panda

4.2 • Very good
launched in 2014
  • games-amountplay 400+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+10 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply

Get Excited to Play at a MuchBetter Casinos

If you’ve played at a MuchBetter casino, you may have noticed the icon in the past. Well we’re here to tell you a bit more about it. It is a cheaper, faster, easier, and safer way to do bank transactions at your favorite online Canadian casino.  

MuchBetter makes it a priority to keep transaction fees as low as possible. They have created a fantastic user experience and keep fraud levels low. They know these have been pain points for players like you in the past so they’ve made strides in eliminating problems altogether. We are going to help you find the Best Canadian MuchBetter casinos out there. This is not just a MuchBetter review but also points of reference to casinos using MuchBetter. They are looking to provide you with a variety of payment options and for that we solute MuchBetter online casinos. 

Easy to Sign Up Through MuchBetter Casinos? 

Firstly, let’s explain what MuchBetter is exactly. It is a payment app that has been around since 2017. Winning quite a few rewards for making payments so easy, it truly is the way forward. The MuchBetter payment channel makes everything really easy for you. These are the steps: 

  • Download the app (iOS or Android). You can do this by visiting the MuchBetter website. Click on the download button and you’ll be redirected to the app store. Alternatively, open up your app store and search for MuchBetter.  
  • Create your MuchBetter account. You’ll be guided into filling out a simple registration form.  
  • Provide an electronic of you ID for verification. 
  • Set up a 4-digit pass code. This is to protect your account. Your phone number will be your account ID. Go ahead and use the app to make a deposit into your MuchBetter casino. 

When the verification is complete, you’ll have all access to the features available to you. You can easily send, deposit, and withdraw payments in one spot. The money can come right from your bank account, credit card, or debit payment card. That means there’s less processing so you can get your money in and out faster. All you have to do is choose the MuchBetter app as your method of payment in the MuchBetter casino Canada site you use. Then pick the top-up tab.  

Casino Sites that Accept MuchBetter

muchbetter casinos

MuchBetter payment online is a breeze if you choose the affiliated casinos. They have all the different options available that you’re familiar with. Online casinos that accept MuchBetter are also going to offer all the bonuses and promos you want. You aren’t losing out on all the finest things and in fact, when a casino offers you MuchBetter, you know they have the players in mind.  

Mobile Casinos

With the MuchBetter casino Canada options, you have access to the app for Android and iOS. This allows you to do deposits or withdrawals while you’re on the go. If you’re looking for a convenient payment option for your mobile casino version, MuchBetter is it. In fact, the MuchBetter app is configured only for your mobile. We know that mobile compatibility matters with your payment service and online casino play. 

MuchBetter is going to be available on all your modern devices. This includes iOS and Android systems. So MuchBetter casinos are going to make it easy to download the app so you can enjoy all the perks of this faster, better, safer payment method. You’ll find it seamless to top up your casino account. You have full access to any of the payments that the online casino has available. What’s more is if your device has NFC, you can make contactless payments (thanks to POST-terminals.) 

Live Casinos

The live casino is a part of any great casino that you can play online. So if you’re using a MuchBetter casino, they just might have a live casino section. This is where the high rolling games are streamed through. As you sit at home, you can enter into a room that is live streamed. You’ll see the tables and you can speak with the live dealer that is in the room. This gives you the feeling that you’re right in the room as there are many cameras, offering all the angles you need. You can play roulette, blackjack, and poker in these live rooms. As they’re pretty high rolling games, you may find you need to make more deposits and withdrawals. For Canadians, we would suggest the MuchBetter payment option. This will get your money to you quickly. 

MuchBetter Best Real Money Casinos 

Canadians have access to MuchBetter casinos that offer a lot of awesome perks. This can be anything from free spins as a welcoming gift to free tech gear. If you’re loyal to these casinos, you will be given some great incentives to keep playing. When you make deposits or withdrawals with MuchBetter, the casinos that have VIP programs will track those payments. The more you play, the greater your gifts and incentives are.  

Banking How-To

First, you have to install the application, then sign up. You will like how quick and easy it is to put your first deposit into a MuchBetter casino.  

image 13 MuchBetter Casino Sites

Make a Deposit 

Once you’ve got the MuchBetter app on your device and you’ve signed up, you can make a deposit. With any casino you’re in that offers Much Better, you just need to go to the Cashier area and select the MuchBetter casino deposit option. From here, you’re going to have to verify your phone number, which is your account ID. You will then punch in how much money you want to deposit. Once the payment has been confirmed, you’re going to get your money right away. You can start playing with the MuchBetter balance in your account. It’s that easy and it really is fast.  

Withdrawing with MuchBetter 

Withdrawing any of your winning from a MuchBetter casino is easy as well. You’ll head to the cashier section again. Select withdrawal and then select Much Better. Punch in how much you want to withdrawal and put in your account number (phone number). Keep in mind that the withdrawal time could take a little longer than the deposit time because the Canada online casino will have to process your request. Otherwise, you’ll be getting a payment really quickly. 

MuchBetter in Canada 

MuchBetter was originally designated to help UK football lovers pay to watch their favorite games. It since morphed to being a payment processor that online gamblers would find easy to use. Now, this UK company is branching out to their British Commonwealth counterpart. It could be because Canadians have noticeably become more invested in online gaming.

Payment systems like MuchBetter want to offer their services to those who need it. While Canadians have some of their own favorite payment systems, they often come with hefty costs in service charge. The Canadian gaming industry has evolved and is really competitive. It contributes to a lot of Canadian revenue. Personally, every Canadian wants their money deposited and withdrawn quickly.  

This is why Canadians are open to new products that increase their playing power and MuchBetter certainly can do that. Many payment systems won’t go through the rigorous hoops they need to in order to reach the Canadian market. MuchBetter has and so we think in the future more Canadians will be using it. There are many MuchBetter casino Canada options out quite yet but soon enough you’ll see this payment option available more.  

Security of MuchBetter Casinos

much better casinos

MuchBetter really reigns supreme when it comes to being secure. It is considered one of the safest payment options available. It is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This signifies that it has met some heavy requirements to be considered secure under this license. They implement many different security measures designed to make sure third parties can’t get personal information. 

This is why your MuchBetter casino account is protected with a 4-digit password and TouchID.  You will also automatically be logged out of your account whenever the screen on your phone is locked. This, or when you haven’t done anything within the account for more than 90 second. In the event that something doesn’t go right while you’re making a transaction, you can easily contact the MuchBetter customer service team. The email is on the website and also in the MuchBetter app itself. Support agents make it their mission to resolve your issue within 6 hours.  

Deposit and Withdrawal Times 

Probably the most important thing to you aside from security is how fast you can get money in and out of your casino account. Their speedy transactions are a definite bonus. If you want a payment option that is going to let you play in the casino right after a deposit, go with MuchBetter. Your balance gets topped up without any delay. The withdrawal process is also lightning fast as long as the casino is also processing your request quickly.  

The MuchBetter casino will process your payment and the money goes right into your MuchBetter account. Winnings will show up on the balance in just a few seconds most times. MuchBetter casinos might take up to three days to process a withdrawal request. However, there are some casinos that take just a few hours so with MuchBetter, you could be getting money back into your bank account within a day. This is speedy compared to other options for sure.  

MuchBetter Rewards 

Not only does MuchBetter offer you incredible service and a secure way of banking online, you’re also getting rewards. So not only does a MuchBetter casino offer you incentives for joining and making deposits but you also get some love from the payment service itself. When you top up your account with $10 CAD or more, you earn 1 point. Every Monday, your point will turn into a ticket and be put into a free draw. You can win anything from $2.50 – $100. The more points you get, the bigger your chances of winning a nice little prize. MuchBetter also has a lot of gift cards with many of the best merchants online. They might give them out to you. 

What You’ll Pay When You Use MuchBetter 

When you transfer money into your MuchBetter account from your bank, this is free. Other methods can cost between 1.4% and 5.5%. Withdrawals and deposits are free of charge. The only time you might be charged is when you’re loading up your account. If you want to avoid charges, top up your account with a bank transfer. When you use services like Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin, you can pay anything from 2% – 5%. 

Pros and Cons Summary

Pros: Cons: 
Can be used for both withdrawals and deposits 
Free to sign up 
Transaction limits apply 
Free when you do a bank transfer Fees are charged for payment cards funding the account
Can be used offlineMuch Better isn’t available for Window phones, desktops or laptops 
Fast withdrawals and deposits 
High level of security with various methods of keeping your information safe

Final Thoughts 

MuchBetter is a new and innovative way you can deposit and withdraw money into your casino account. While there are not many MuchBetter casino Canada options out yet, you can expect this payment provider to grow as time goes on. It was developed specifically for online casinos and gaming. They make sure your transactions are quick, so your play isn’t interrupted. 

MuchBetter differs from Paypal and other digital wallet because you don’t have to deal with extra logins. The authentication system is linked to your mobile number. It is your online and offline banking solution for quickly getting funds from people and companies. The technology here is highly advanced so there is a cohesiveness you’re not getting from other payment methods. Security is optimized and your payments are faster than most. You won’t be redirected; you don’t have to deal with a key fob of any sort. All you need is your phone and one of the MuchBetter casinos.  


What should I do if MuchBetter takes more than 12 hours for a transaction to appear? 

Get in touch with customer service the right way. You should open up a new ticket or call support via email at [email protected]

Explain the FOB transaction limit 

Contactless transactions are possible through your MuchBetter FOB. It is limited to 5 payment though. Once you’ve gone past this, you just have to login to your account from your mobile app. You can unfreeze the FOB and do another 5 transactions. This is meant to be an important payment feature.  

What happens if I lose my FOB?

Call right away and report that the FOB has been stolen. 

Card limits for the MuchBetter card 

Daily, you’re allowed 5 transactions with a total of 300 
Every 30 days, you’re allowed 15 transactions with a total of 2000 
Every year (365 days), you’re allowed 180 transactions with a total of 20000 

Point-of-sale transactions: 
4500 daily 
22500 monthly 
90000 yearly  

I used the wrong reference; how can I fix this? 

If you used the wrong reference, your transaction is going to be sent to a queue, which can take 12-48 hours to reach your account. You can get in touch with MuchBetter with proof of payment/auto deposit email. This can potentially get the process fixed more quickly so you can get paid in a timely manner.  

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