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Canadians, have you ever wondered what a no wagering casino is all about? Well we’re here to give you all the info you could possibly want. Basically, you get to keep whatever you won from any given promotion on a no wager casino site. Sure, there are some conditions but you’re much more free than promos that do incur a wagering requirement. There is different criteria involved as no wagering casinos operate totally differently. Don’t worry, it’s all pretty simple and we’re here to make it clear.   

Canada and No Wager Casinos 

A no wagering casino means that with the bonus or free spins, there aren’t any wagering requirements associated with them. Anything you get from your bonus or free spins are yours. You don’t have to pay any extra cash or spin a certain amount with your own money to take the money out of the casino. Best casino sites no wagering requirements allow you to play the bonus and take your money out. It’s really that easy.  

Sure, Canadians love a no deposit no wagering casino or no wagering casinos in general. Thankfully, many of these casinos are available to Canucks. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of bonuses that don’t require you to put a wager down? While there might be some generous bonuses out there for Canadians, it doesn’t mean they’re epic online casinos. The best casino sites no wagering requirements offer you all the best games to play as well as great bonuses. Check out the casinos we are recommending for Canadians with no wagering requirements.  

Types of Bonuses at No Wagering Casinos 

Online casinos have always had bonuses. This is fashioned after the offline brick and mortar casinos that started it all. Often, these online bonuses are going to have some kind of hook so ultimately, you’re not free to take your winnings out if you got them as a result of a bonus. This isn’t the case with a no wagering bonus casino. You are going to get a bonus with no wagering requirements. There are different bonuses in a no wagering casino. You’ve got no wagering no deposit bonuses, bonuses with a deposit, low wager bonuses, and much more. Let’s explore… 

Free Spins 

no wagering free spins

There are a few great no wagering casinos in Canada that offer wager free winnings. Free spins are one of the best ways you can try out a casino or a slot. Often, casinos are going to want a deposit before they give you free spins. A no deposit free spin is where you don’t have to put anything down to get the free spins. The best free spins offers from casinos will come with a no or low wagering requirement. So money isn’t withheld from you. 

You use free spins on slots, which can give you big payouts. They are super popular in Canada and you’ll be given these free spins to play on certain slots. This means you don’t pay to spin but you can still win. There are a few different ways these can come to you. Some free spins come at a cost later. What we mean by that is you can’t withdraw winnings from free spins that casinos give you if they have wagering requirements.  

This is when you have to spend a certain amount of your own money at the casino to receive any winnings attached to the free spins they gave you. So in a way, they aren’t free at all. There are free spins no deposit no wagering requirements deals. These are the golden free spins opportunities where you get to withdraw your winnings no matter what.  

No Wagering Free Spins  

We love those no wagering free spins. They are the most popular of all the free spins available at online casinos. The no wagering casinos offer free spins as a no deposit bonus. That, or your free spins no wagering bonus could come with a bonus from you depositing money into your casino account. Sometimes, a casino may reward no wager free spins as a regular promotion just for playing with them. You might get free spins no deposit no wager through a VIP program once you’ve played enough. Do keep in mind that with these kinds of bonuses, there is likely a winning limit. However, there likely isn’t a roll over requirement.  

No Deposit Bonus 

What can you expect from the best casino sites no wagering requirements? Again, free spins are often quite heavily involved with any bonus as they’re pretty popular. So a free spins no deposit no wager offer means you get your free spins without putting any money into your account. You will have to sign up to get whatever the bonus is. Often, it will be what’s known as a welcome bonus. These casinos with no wagering requirements tend to be very transparent about their offers. You know where you stand and you are free to withdraw. 

You could make a deposit if there happens to be a deposit bonus but this won’t have any weight on your no deposit bonus. Once you register, you can go ahead and claim your bonus. With these bonuses, you get to try a bunch of casino games before making a deposit and playing for real cash. It’s a great way to check all the options out there and see if you like the way a site feels for you. Yes, it is a no wagering casino but you will probably have to make a first deposit to withdraw winnings.  

No Wagering Bonus 

no wagering bonus

No wagering deposit bonuses are going to let you keep any of the winnings you make from a bonus. There aren’t wagering requirements attached to the bonus. So you can keep anything you win. You don’t have to put a certain amount of money towards any game or wager a certain amount of times. It’s a freedom you’re going to enjoy. Offers that aren’t going to make you put down a deposit to get the bonus are awesome. They offer no strings attached maximum play. They might be additional funds in your casino account or free spins no deposit no wagering requirements. All you have to do is sign up and claim the bonus prize.  

Deposit Bonus 

It might help if we mention that a deposit bonus is what is often used to lure new players in so they’ll sign up. You can expect that pretty much every online casino is going to have their own bonus structure. They will make it as attractive as they can and make it look generous. Offers like this will come with a few restrictions or things you’re obligated to do in order to take advantage of the. You’ll have to choose a payment method and then deposit a minimum amount of money into your casino account. 

Low Wagering Casino Bonuses 

If you play casino games already, you know that a wagering requirement means you have to play a certain amount of times to withdraw winnings. Some of these requirements can be quite high and sometimes, you’ll just grow tired of trying to reach their requirements that you’ll give up. While no wagering casinos are really best, the low wagering casino is pretty kind to players. The best low wagering casinos are going to send you offers that are a good value with fair bonuses.  

So the low wagering casino isn’t zero but you might only have to wager between 1-20x. Most Canadian bonus offers come with a 38x wager requirement. So when looking at a 20x wager, that’s actually pretty good. We still think the best option is the no wagering casino, but these low wager options are decent too.  

Bonuses with No Rollover Conditions 

Firstly, you may be curious about what a playthrough conditions is. Well, it lets you cash out winnings you got from bonus spins or free cash to play with. You can cash out when you like and you’re not obligated to play a promo a certain amount of times. A rollover or playthrough are simply pretty words for the underlying wagering requirement. They are a condition that is connected to the bonus or free spins you’re receiving. The casinos say it is to prevent the bonus from being abused.  

Reload Bonus 

This bonus is a no wagering bonus that might come to you if you’re already a loyal player at any given casino. These types of bonuses are only available to those who have made a second deposit to their account.  

No Wager Casino Games 

no wagering casino games

As we’ve said, most of the no wagering casinos give you a bonus that involves free spins. The no wagering slots are in alignment with the bonus offer. Every software developer will offer their own special bonuses and conditions. Alternatively, the no wagering casino may offer their own slots no wagering options. 

When we’re talking no wager bonuses though, they are usually always going towards no wagering slots. This is with the free spins that don’t require you to put down deposits or meet wager requirements. You have the opportunity to play slots no wagering requirements at these casinos so you can see how you like them. It truly is a win/win because really, who doesn’t love slots? 

What about Wagering Casinos? 

So to really love the idea of a no wagering casino, you might want to understand the wagering casino setup. They are very common and of course are offering a lot of games and incentives to choose their casino. Maybe sometimes they have no wagering requirements incentives to loyal players. Let’s break down what the wagering requirement is.  

It refers specifically to the multipliers imposed by the wagering casino. A multiplier is the amount of times you have to bet with your bonus or how much money you have to deposit (or both). An offer through a wagering casino comes with a variety of strings before you can take out your winnings. In a sense, you’re a bit of a slave to the casino then. As your winnings sit in an account, you can’t take them out. This can be a painful process actually. No wagering casinos will let you withdraw without having to play further. This can allow you to come out on top all said and done.  

Casinos may state their wagering requirements in a bunch of different ways. The rollover or playthrough requirements are examples of that. We suggest you read terms and conditions with any casino you want to play at.  

What does a 10x, 30x or 50x Wagering Requirement Mean? 

With the no wagering casinos, you don’t have to worry about these numbers. Free spins no deposit no wagering requirements take the guesswork out of casino play. There are no wagering requirements. However, some casinos have these when you get their bonuses. You’re going to have to wager the bonus you receive 10x before you can take your winnings out (if you have any winnings left).  

With some of the casinos, there are high requirements such as having to wager 30x, 50x, or even 60x before the casino lets you take out your wins. You also have to wager a certain amount of money in the end. They give you the amount of times you have to wager but what does that mean to your pocketbook? A 30x wagering requirement will mean a $3,000 investment on your part ($100×30). If it’s 50x, you’re having to invest $5,000. So you’re investing a large sum of money before you’re allowed to take the money out.  

Now you can see why things like the free spins no deposit no wager bonuses are so valuable. You are free to play and withdraw anytime you want. This is a goldmine so when you find a no wagering casino, try it out.   

Wager Vs. No Wagering Casinos 

There are a lot of casinos that have amazing offers. They are really generous actually. You might get multiple bonuses, but the problem is they can come with so many requirements, you don’t get to withdraw. Casinos that have wagering requirements are far more common that no wagering casinos. They will often have thousands of games and other incentives to keep you playing. You can climb up the ladder with their VIP programs and feel like a king. However, you’re going to spend a lot of money in these casinos to get your money back. 

The no wager casinos will offer some nice bonuses that don’t leave you on the hook to spend a certain amount of money at their casino. There aren’t a lot of no wagering casinos around actually. They’re challenging to find but if you look hard enough, you can take advantage of no wager free spins.   

Final Thoughts 

No wagering casinos offer players a fantastic freedom. You can get free spins no wagering and take your money out whenever you want. This means you don’t have to play 10x or 30x for the casino to release your funds. A no wagering casino offers transparency and utter fairness. You don’t have to give anything but still have some big chances to win.

You will have to sign up but deposits aren’t necessary right away to receive your bonus. Sure, to withdraw funds you will probably have to put in a minimum deposit but this is stipulated right off the bat. The rules are pretty simple with the no wager casino, which we really appreciated. If you’re not sure about any given casino or are just into trying out some new games for free, these no wagering casinos are a great option.  

You can keep all the money you earn from the bonuses. You don’t have to wait to take them out. There really is no risk to trying these types of casinos out. Expect to play some decent slot games with your free spins. You never know, you just might be in for some massive payouts. If there are no rollovers or play through requirements, you can win a lot despite the fact you paid nothing. So enjoy these casinos that don’t hold you down with heavy requirements. There are some great options in Canada.  

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